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Impression management is a key important factor for improvement and success. It is also an effective instrument for handling criticism and negativity.

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And Now Worried About Afghanistan.

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We should understand its significance.

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What is Employer Brand?

Employer brand means the reputation that an organization carries as an employer. Metaphorically it is an intangible asset for the organization.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding means applying strategy and instruments by an organization that can assist an organization in preserving its reputation as a commendable…

We were unaware. We were careless. Our actions are now damaging our society day by day.

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We got deceived

Our society is attempting to confuse us more and more.

People are happy, but people are confused.

Most people have everything to maintain a comfortable life. People can smile at their progress in life, but they all are in severe confusion.

Confusions are flying in the air.

We are getting misguided by…

Nowadays, it feels like it is already the beginning of that era.

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The era is coming soon.

We all are waiting for that era to come and heal us. I’m speaking about that era that was lost some years ago. In that era, it was more comfortable to breathe. The world was suitable to live in.

That golden era soon will arrive.

Soon all bad will vanish. For many years life has not been going smoothly for all of us. We do not know why life has become tougher for all of us.

There is no peace.

We are tired of the system. Everything seems hostile. You go anyplace in this world, you…

We know it is harmful, but still, we have no plan and intention to stop our laziness. Many among us try to end laziness, but action ends early, which is a mystery

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Laziness is a favorite part of our life.

It is a famous toxic that keep befuddling, and the majority is okay with it.

We do not know how many books we have read. We do not know how many blogs and articles we have read. We do not know how many videos and podcasts watched and listened to

Because they know it’s delicious

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We should be more vigilant.

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It is also irrelevant.

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It Creates Confusion

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